What are the Benefits of Solar Film for Your Home?

Would you like to learn how to counteract the effects of excessive sunlight in your home?

Although the sun and its UV rays are a tremendous blessing, it can also become a curse whenever we receive too much of it. That’s why modern technology helps us limit solar absorption, enabling us to enjoy a cooler home with fewer glares or harsh brightness. If you live in the southeast or mid-Atlantic United States, then you know how tough the sun can become, especially as we get closer to summer.

The good news is that we can install one of several solar window films to reduce the magnitude of UV rays entering your home. We use materials that limit the brightness and even create an aesthetic improvement. Below are just a few of the benefits to installing solar film with Film Source.

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Benefit of Getting New Solar Film for Residential Homes

  1. Eliminate Glares
    • If you’re fed up with those horrible glares and having to close your curtains during the day, then solar window film will be a veritable game changer. That’s because it can eliminate 98% of glares (based on scores of tests and demonstrations), which would put an end to all the squinting and frustration.
  2. Protect Your Skin from UV Radiation
    • Many homeowners are starting to realize the advantages of window tinting for various applications. If installed correctly, you can use solar film to protect yourself against the UV radiation that your windows would otherwise magnify or worsen. This is an important consideration for safeguarding both your skin and eyes (and avoiding skin cancer).
  3. Keep Things Cooler
    • As more sunlight enters your home, it inevitably gets much warmer, forcing your HVAC to overwork. Therefore, you can lower your utility bill by installing solar film to prevent your home from baking in the summer heat.
  4. Beautify Your Home
    • We have several versions of solar film, capable of beautifying your windows in various ways. Besides the Neutral film, you can also ask about other window tinting colors such as Silver, Dark Neutral, Bronze, Blend DR, and other gorgeous films.
  5. Strengthen Windows
    • Solar film is a terrific way to protect your family with stronger and more secure windows. It also adds another layer of privacy, depending on which version you select. Even if an intruder tries to break into your home through a locked window, they’ll have a much harder time against our nearly shatter-proof products.

These are our favorite reasons to consider reinforcing your windows with premium solar film.
You can learn much more about this novel window enhancement by working with Film Source, located in Maryland and Virginia. We specialize in window film (for homes and businesses) that carry merit lifetime warranties anywhere we install them. Contact us anytime to learn more about solar film by calling 703-956-1829.

Protect Your Home with Safety & Security Film

Have you thought of upgrading your home’s windows to make them more durable against projectile damage and other safety/security threats?

Then it’s well worth your time to investigate the reliable, premium window safety film through our VISION brand. It’s the most dependable product for reinforcing home or business windows to prevent burglary and home invasion.

These aren’t the only advantages, either. We’d like to show you the primary benefits of installing safety and security films for the windows throughout your property.

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Terrific Advantages of Installing VISION Safety & Security Film

  1. Interior Protection
    • Between break-ins and heavy sun exposure, there are many opportunities for trouble that could make its way through your windows. Thankfully, there are solutions to these hazards if you’re willing to invest in the reinforcement you get from 8mil security film. This halts many intruders who would otherwise break a window open with an aluminum bat, crowbar, or other blunt objects. If you own anything expensive inside your home, then this extra layer of security is essential.
  2. Much Better Privacy
    • The other wonderful film component is the tinting you can include. We have multiple versions (neutral, clear, silver, etc.), which allow you to conceal the inside of your home from strangers much better. This way, a burglar doesn’t get the same chance to scope out what they might steal by checking through the window first.
  3. Block Unwanted UV Rays
    • Don’t forget that the tinting aspect also helps minimize UV exposure. You don’t have to install fancy glass to limit the magnified heat coming from the sun in the summer. This will make a tremendous difference on your utility bill after a while.
  4. Strengthen the Glass Substantially
    • There’s little reason not to strengthen your glass to where it's almost impenetrable. We produce security film that makes your windows significantly more shatter-resistant. It’s also an incredible value amid all the thunderstorms and occasional hurricanes we get, which can contribute to numerous impacts.
  5. Eliminate Difficult Glares & Other Sunlight Issues
    • Finally, there are several other additional convenient reasons to try our sturdy window film. With the correct window tinting, you can eliminate or diminish those frustrating glares on your computer or television screens. It’s an important consideration if you want to safeguard your eyes, especially when it's bright outside.

If these sound like important safety measures to you, then consider the VISION brand of security film from Film Source. We install the industry’s best protective film for homes and businesses alike. Contact us in Ashburn, VA, to learn more by calling 703-956-1829.

Reasons to Choose Film Source as Your Window Tinting Company

Are you exploring premium window tinting for your home or office windows?

Then we’d like to show you why Film Source, located in Ashburn, Virginia, is the best brand for this detailed task. We design the most durable, scratch-resistant, and seamless window film for diverse applications. Below are just a few reasons to remember us if you ever decide to tint your windows.

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Reasons to Choose Film Source for Window Tinting

  1. We Offer Several Kinds of Window Tinting
    • Modern techniques allow us to work on almost any type of glass. Window tinting can help make office buildings safer, block excessive solar light, or just make things look awesome. We offer three popular decorative films that get rave reviews: White Frost, Black Out, and White Out. So, whether you want total privacy with deep-tinted windows, a novel frosty look for your living room window, or just a light VLT tint, we have effective solutions.
  2. Film Source Has a Reputation for the Most Premium Work
    • Here, let’s not spend too much time on words. After all, one picture is worth a thousand of them. That’s why you should look through our gallery of featured projects, where we’ve done some pretty outstanding work.
  3. We’re Fully Bonded, Licensed, and Insured for Top Service
    • This is a standard disclaimer you may have read elsewhere. Basically, it means that if we make a mistake (which is rare), you can rest assured we’ll fix the problems. That’s also because our work comes with favorable service warranties. Don’t forget that window tinting can last even beyond 25 years when you select Film Source for the job.
  4. This is a Terrific Way to Eliminate Lots of Irritation from UV Rays
    • Are you sick of squinting or having to make adjustments because of sunlight glares on your TV? How about all that heavy heat that pours into your home through the window glass? Well, there are various ways to attack these problems. Many homeowners, for example, will spend a fortune getting low-E glass in their windows. However, there’s a more affordable and aesthetically pleasing way to keep sunlight at bay. Our window tinting service can handle lots of problems, transforming the rooms in your home, and making them even more tranquil and liveable.

We could continue with numerous other reasons to choose Film Source for all window tinting services, but we’ll finish here for now. If you like what you see and want us to address specific questions, feel free to call and ask anytime at 703-956-1829.