Decorate Your Office with Window Film

By - Mark Bakker
August 15, 2023

Window film not only protects your property from burglary and excessive sunlight, but it can also contribute significant cosmetic enhancement as well. It’s also a terrific way to spruce up an otherwise dreary office environment. Perhaps the best part is that there are plenty of options, allowing you several ways to select the perfect window film in collaboration with the rest of the office interior.

frosted glass window film

Decorative Window Film for Offices

  1. Frosted Glass - The White Frost window film is a popular choice because it’s such a beautiful novelty. You’ll find this on other commercial properties like office buildings, restaurants, and certain retail stores. Instead of spraying something temporary onto your windows, we can install something permanent with higher quality. Plus, it’s the most versatile option because you complement it with lots of additional accents and enjoy plenty of privacy thanks to its semi-translucent properties.
  2. Black Out Your Office - Would you prefer to experience total privacy, especially in a busier area with lots of prying eyes? If so, the Black Out decorative film is the best option. Even though others won’t be able to see you from the outside of your office, you can still enjoy a modest amount of natural light. 
  3. White Out - The White Out selection lets you diminish all that heavy sunlight, reduce VLT (Visual Light Transmission), and cultivate a relaxing atmosphere, free of sun glares. Just like Black Out, it guarantees total privacy from the outside. This might be the best approach if you run a business and want to mix window film with other elements like custom graphics, your business logo, window decals, and more.
black out window film

Need Other Suggestions? Then Contact Film Source in Virginia

Decorative film is one of our favorite installations, and it can make your business location much classier, an enjoyable place to work, and more attractive to potential clients. This is also something we can do to generate lots of curb appeal for residential properties as well. All it takes to get started is to tell us a little about your windows (size, number of them, frame material, glass type, etc.), and we’ll help you get started.
Film Source is the best window film resource for business and residential customers anywhere around Ashburn, Virginia, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We specialize in protecting and beautifying the windows on your office, home, vehicle, and more. Contact us anytime to learn more about decorative film for offices by calling 703-956-1829.


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