With Energy Efficient Window Film

Why Should I Make My House Green?

About a third of your heating and air conditioning expenditures can be attributed to heat passing through windows causing an increase in your bills and energy is not getting any cheaper anytime soon.

Our window films can help mitigate these expenditures by minimizing heat gain and loss through the glass. Window films can actually significantly reduce energy use by upgrading the performance of your windows. They are economical and easy to install, boasting an average energy savings payback of about two years that lasts a lifetime. Solar Control Window Film Energy Study showed that excessive solar heat gain can be reduced by as much as 85% and all while saving money and increasing comfort.

Benefits of Installing Energy Efficient Window Films:

Reduction of solar heat gain by up to 85%
Blocking 99% of UV rays protecting people and property
Retention up to 92% of your home’s heat during winter


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