Upgrade Your Tesla with Ceramic Window Film

By - Mark Bakker
August 1, 2023

Ceramic window film is an outstanding way to safeguard and enhance luxury vehicles like Teslas. Since there’s nothing worse than driving a premium car that feels like an oven (from excessive sun rays), this is almost an essential service. We’d like to show just why folks visit us for quality film wrap on their Tesla.

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What is Ceramic Window Film?

Our ceramic window film includes multiple components: ceramic coating, the window film itself, and paint protection film. The best approach is to combine all three elements, as we do, to achieve maximal protection against the elements, deflect pollutants, and enjoy its self-cleaning properties.

Ceramic coating contains a special self-cleaning hydrophobic formula. This means that it keeps windows and paint clean, won’t corrode or damage as fast, and doesn’t require as much owner upkeep.

Why Does This Matter for Tesla Models?

As you might know, many Tesla models have beautiful glass roofs. This is a wonderful advantage for solar purposes, but it also contributes to sweltering interior temperatures in the summer. You can offset that problem, and still enjoy all the advantages of a Tesla, by having a professional install ceramic window film.

Yes, it’s true that Tesla built some of their cars with double glass and privacy glass. However, consumers complain that it’s just not enough. That’s because their glass reinforcements offer little to block infrared (IR).

On the other hand, our ceramic window film is heavy-duty enough to control IR and all other sun-related troubles.

Film Source: Ceramic Window Film Installation in Virginia & Florida

If you own a Tesla, need help with protecting it, and live near Ashburn, VA, or Fort Lauderdale, FL, then we can help. Don’t take our word regarding our superior workmanship. Check out our photo gallery of finished window film projects to see the results we deliver.

Professionally installed window film can eliminate about 80% of the heat that comes from solar energy. This works for buildings and cars alike. Best of all, it allows you to enjoy driving your premium Tesla, and remain cool . . . even in August.

Film Source is your top source for ceramic window film and window tinting for homes and other cars like Porsche, Rivian, and Corvette. We can’t wait to show you how this works on your Tesla. Call us anytime to schedule service at 703-956-1829 (Ashburn, VA).


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